Netty Dearborn – Art Critic?

Netty Dearborn loves art! Netty is a fashion designer, business owner, busy “soccer mom” and Dearborn’s most famous social media gadfly — but is she really an art critic?  Netty is a colorful character.  She loves playing with color-schemes, reading Colors Magazine, and admires the colorful palettes and patterns she finds on ColourLovers. But does that really qualify her to be an art critic?

Netty Dearborn - Art Critic?

Netty is not John Ruskin — that’s for sure…  but she’s kind of the Village Voice (New York, NY) for Dearborn, Michigan… or at least she wants to be.

An art critic is a person who evaluates art and writes critical art reviews. Their written critiques are published in newspapers, magazines, and on web sites. Art collectors utilize the advice of art critics to sharpen their focus or enhance  appreciation for the art they are viewing or searching for.

Some local residents are hoping that the proposed new art community, Dearborn Artspace will revitalize the Dearborn business district near Dearborn City Hall (see video about Dearborn Artspace). Netty Dearborn is a big cheerleader for Dearborn Artspace and local art (even if she may disagree with some political viewpoints and funding methods).

However, it’s not just about revitalizing the local economy. Netty says it’s all about discovering true beauty, creating art for art’s sake,  and developing a local culture of innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity.

So, New York can have it’s Village Voice, and London it’s Afterall — we’ve got Netty Dearborn.  Just don’t tell the monkeys.