Children’s Christmas Party

DEARBORN, Michigan – Fifty years ago, on Monday, December 24, 1962 – all the children of Dearborn were invited to  Dearborn’s Annual Christmas Party for Children. A featured movie and other films were shown, and candy bars provided for all the children. The holiday parties originated with Mayor Orville Hubbard in 1945. Local theaters provided the free entertainment, and Dearborn’s trained recreation personnel were on hand for supervising the children.

Dearborn Children's Christmas Celebration in 1962

The holiday parties were held at six locations around Dearborn in 1962 with thousands of children in attendance.

At the bottom of the invitation card it says: “With every good wish for a Merry Christmas and a New Year of Good Cheer, I remain… Cordially and sincerely, Mayor Orville L. Hubbard”

Special thanks to Jymn Magon, a Hollywood film script writer, story editor, and animation consultant living in Saugus California, who grew up in Dearborn, Michigan. Jymn provided the 1962 Christmas party invitation images.