SajOuna Cafe – Healthy Meets Tasty

SajOuna  is a delightful Mediterranean style bakery and cafe on Ford Road.  Sajouna is derived from the word ‘Saj’, which is an authentic grill top used to bake saj bread. They specialize in Saj bread, which is thinner than pita bread. The Saj Bakery and Cafe makes a variety of healthy and tasty wraps and Saj mana-eesh.

The Saj offers a wide range of Mediterranean style foods – made fresh daily – including many traditional favorites like homous, baba ghanoush, stuffed grape leaves, lentils and rice, and many other delicious items.

Sajouna Bakery and Cafe

The SajOuna website says:  “We are always open to suggestions to serve you, our customers to the best of our ability. Come experience the healthy and tasty variety of Saj wraps and Saj mana-eesh in a family oriented atmosphere at SajOuna located on Ford Rd and Beech Daly in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.”