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Monkeys as Judges of Art


Monkeys as Judges of Art – Painting by Gabriel C. von Max – 1889

“Monkeys as Judges of Art” — a painting by Gabriel Cornelius von Max in 1889, might have been created as a response to conflict with “art critics” of the day.  (Source: Wikipedia) …

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Are You Cold This Winter?

Netty Dearborn in the Winter

Network Dearborn can help you make it though the cold winter.

The new weather page will tell if it going to snow, and when it’s a big snow day — might be a good idea to stay home, stay warm, and connect with Network Dearborn friends …

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It All Started Here

Dearborn - It All Started Here shirt

It all started here.  The freedom of modern transportation started in Dearborn (hometown of Henry Ford) with Henry Ford’s model T automobile  and the Ford Airport – the world’s first modern airport (along with the first U.S. airport hotel, the first concrete runways, and first U.S. scheduled …

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Netty Dearborn – Art Critic?

Netty Dearborn - Art Critic?

Netty Dearborn loves art! Netty is a fashion designer, business owner, busy “soccer mom” and Dearborn’s most famous social media gadfly — but is she really an art critic?  Netty is a colorful character.  She loves playing with color-schemes, reading Colors Magazine, and admires the …

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Masquerade at Bailey’s Pub


The painting, Luncheon with Figures in Masquerade Dress by Jean Francois de Troy, outside Bailey’s Pub, on Michigan Ave. in Dearborn during the summer of 2012.  Photos courtesy of the Dearborn Free Press. See more photos.


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Netty Wear

Netty Wear - Dearborn Designer Collection

NettyWear is a new clothing line for people that love Dearborn. It’s all available in the Network Dearborn Store.  You can also find NettyWear on Facebook.

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City Fathers

Dearborn City Fathers discuss plans for new swimming pool.

Dearborn ‘City Fathers’ determining the future site of Seashore Pool in 1940. From left to right: Earl Maples, Jamie L. Johnson (councilman), Earnest G. Miller (councilman), Clark Green (supt. of public works), F.R. Storer (city engineer), John Carey (Mayor of Dearborn), Joseph Schaefer (councilman), Anthony …

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Seashore Pool

Levagood Park - Seashore Pool

Dearborn’s Levagood Park pool has a lot of historical significance. In 1940, local officials selected the 40-acre site located near Cherry Hill and Telegraph roads for the first of its kind City outdoor pool — Dearborn’s Famous Seashore Pool.

See more photos at the Dearborn Free …

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