Dearborn Women’s Expo

For the love of Brittany

In August 2002, Janeen Sullivan’s 16 year old, daughter Brittany Crawford, was diagnosed with Leukemia. Brittany was looking forward to starting her junior year at Dearborn High. She was active on the Field Hockey Team and other school activities all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. 

Brittany was also the Red Wings #1 fan, attended many games, and met several of the players. Her death on December 1, 2002 was unexpected. She was in remission, but despite that, she had developed an infection that spread through her system within a matter of hours. The Red Wings loved Brittany and even mentioned her passing on air during their next home game.

Brittany was a very special girl. She touched so many lives and she was an inspiration to so many. Her positive attitude and genuine compassion for others, even when stricken, was a powerful force for those of us who knew and loved her.

So when we conceived the notion of a Women’s Expo our intention was to compliment our efforts and raise money in support of the Children’s Leukemia Foundation of Michigan that helped Brittany and our family through the tough times – that is what they do! and so we “give back” and we know Britt is smiling down on us.

In 2004 three local women, Janeen Sullivan, Julie Sullivan and Judy McGinty set out to make The Dearborn Women’s Expo a reality. We wanted to bring an expo to the Dearborn Area similar to the Novi event.

Our mission statement is to offer something unique for women in the Dearborn area, with products and services that would be of interest to women and raise funds for the Children’s Leukemia Foundation of Michigan.

The Ford Community and Performing Arts Center is our venue. The expo takes place in the Dome Room. There’s so much going on at the Center that Dearborn Residents can benefit from and just don’t. This is a way to raise awareness for the Center and promote memberships. We began our first year, 2004, with 70 exhibitors and now we are maxed out at 100 exhibitors. Businesses vary – from jewelers, beauty, home improvement, arts, accessories, chiropractic, massage, spa, cooking, food items, and so much more! The bridal/fashion show begins at 1pm.

Approximately 1,200 attendees have come through the doors each year. We draw women from all walks of life and ages from the surrounding 4 counties. This year’s goal is to see that number increase significantly. In addition, we’re looking for corporate sponsorship to increase our advertising budget. Advertising plays a significant role in the success of a show, but it can be costly.

Proceeds from the event are donated to the Children’s Leukemia Foundation of Michigan. Last year, our organization proudly donated $7,000 to CLF.

Thanks for visiting and thank you for your continued support.

8th Annual Dearborn Women’s Expo
Sunday, March 6th, 2011
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Ford Community & Performing Arts Center
15801 Michigan Ave, Dearborn MI 48126

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