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About Kristina

I have a great husband. We have two awesome kids and a dog named Friday. I’m a twin. I am not the evil one, just don’t ask my sister. I coach soccer and I love it. I’m a runner and I don’t love it. I have a Bachelor’s of Fine Art degree and I am proud of it. I love hockey and football. I love that I create images that are so personal and mean so much to my clients.


Wedding Photography

Weddings are undoubtedly one of the most important occasions in our lives. There are few occasions that can match the anticipation and intensity of a wedding day. It is truly an honor to have the opportunity to share and document the beauty and emotions of this special day. I strive to provide you with images that capture the essence of your wedding day in creative and expressive ways.


Children are one of my favorite subjects to photograph because they are comfortable just being themselves. I think that sometimes as adults we would like our children to be perfect poised mini adults, but I love to capture the pure exuberance and energy that childhood brings. It is only a fleeting moment in our lives and I try very hard to capture those moments.

All of my portrait sessions are done on location at the location of your choosing. This may be a park or even your home. I strive to capture the essence of your child in a setting that is comfortable for them and for you and at a time that works best for your family.

Portrait Photography

My goal is to create an experience that allows you to relax and gives me the opportunity to create natural portraits that convey your style and personality.

Fine Art

My fine art work allows me to express myself on a truly personal level. My work tends to lend itself at times to the abstract because I love to make images of objects in a way that causes them to lose all context to what they truly are. I always strive to look at ordinary objects in very extraordinary ways.

Special Event Photography

KMS Photography provides photography for any of your special events from anniversary parties to Corporate Events. Rates start at $175 per hour. Call today for more information.


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