Marco’s Pizza

Come on in to Marcos for the best in fresh pizza, pasta and breadsticks! Founded in 1978 by Pasquale “Pat” Giammarco, Marco’s Pizza is committed to making Ah!thentic Italian pizza with fresh ingredients.

Why are we the best?


No discerning Italian pizza chef would ever dream of using frozen cheese. But that’s exactly what many pizza companies do. The idea gives us chills. That’s why we use only fresh cheese. Never frozen! And not just mozzarella like some places but Marco’s own special blend of three cheeses. It’s at the heart of our authentic, fresh taste and would make any Italian pizza maker proud.


The bakeries in Italy that first began making pizza over 500 years ago didn’t get their dough delivered to them in refrigerated trucks. And neither do we. Marco’s still makes dough the time-honored, traditional way, fresh from scratch every day in each store. It’s the way we give you fresh, flavorful crust – worthy of Marco’s premium toppings.


Italians know good pizza. The best Italian pizza chefs would never make sauce from dehydrated tomato paste like some of our competitors. Marco’s sauce is made from vine-ripened tomatoes just hours after picking. Then a secret combination of spices is added right in the store. The freshness is Marco’s signature.


Italian food is famous for its quality. And its generous portions. That’s why Marco’s uses hearty, robust servings of real meat. We don’t skimp by using paper-thin pepperoni slices or meat fillers in our toppings like some folks. Quality and abundance is the authentic Italian way.

Marco’s Pizza Store #1061
4019 Pelham Rd.
Dearborn Heights, Michigan 48125

Phone: (313) 278-3400