Moss Furniture

Who are we?

Moss & Associates
1804 Miller Rd., Dearborn MI 48120
Owners: Mickey Stern, Judy Stern, Jim Libra

What do we do?

We buy, warehouse and sell furniture for residential and commercial use.


Furniture stores, Hotels, Motels, Management companies, Hospitals, Modular/Mobil Home, Dealers, Churches, Campgrounds, Corporate Housing/Leasing, Advanced care Homes, Group Homes, Assisted living homes, Day care homes, Residential homes.

Where do we operate?

Moss & Associates has a showroom in Dearborn MI and has road selling salespeople in: Michigan, Ohio (northern), Indiana (northern), Ontario Canada (southwestern)

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Moss & Associates
1804 Miller Rd.
Dearborn MI 48120

Phone 313-841-0460
Fax 313-841-5037