Rio Wraps – Dearborn

Rio Wraps is a fresh food alternative offering its customers a fun and flavorful option over today’s otherwise mundane fast food environment. Our philosophy is simple— deliver fresh flavorful food at a fair price in a clean and entertaining environment. Our interactive process mandates customer participation, as our trained “Rio Wrappers” take each patron through a guided tour enroute to the perfect wrap! The Rio Wrap menu offers an eye popping display of portion size and presentation second to none. In today’s competitive fast food industry we find ourselves alone in our self created niche. A unique alternative to the standard deli fare, and a quality value oriented twist over other Tex Mex, south of the border concepts. Our Southwestern Grill offers our clientele a first hand opportunity to not only see first hand what is going into their meals, but to be an integral part of the process. A number of key elements help to make the Rio Wraps brand the success it has been to date.


We proudly prepare our proprietary sauces, salsa’s, and fresh vegetables on a daily basis. Our meats are carefully marinated and seasoned for 24 hours prior to char-grilling to a tasteful and healthy final flavor. Our tortillas are cholesterol free and offer a bouquet of choices including Flour, Honey Wheat, Tomato Basil and Garden Spinach. Our packaging is designed to keep our hot foods hot and our cold foods cold. For those taking their food to go, our Rio Wrap lunch boxes make for an easy and convenient alternative to lunch on the run.


Our menu foundation is both simple and basic— deliver fast food fresh in a quality manner unique to a typical Southwestern Grill. Taco’s, Nacho’s, Quesa“Rio’s”…Salads…Classic Wraps and Deli Wraps comprise our core menu. Each Classic or Deli Wrap begins with a few base ingredients, however with our interactive ordering process, our customers are able to put their own twist and add their own flavors to each and every wrap they order. Dine-in, carry out, or catering a party, our food is customer friendly and travels exceptionally well.


One thing to never worry about when leaving a Rio Wrap’s restaurant is exiting hungry. Our Classic and Deli Wraps, weighing in at a healthy one pound plus, coupled with a heaping portion of warm tortilla chips and homemade salsa, make up a well rounded meal at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on generous portion sizes, convenient packaging, fair pricing and considerate and prompt service. We provide a venue which allows our customers a unique and clean environment in which they can enjoy a flavorful and filling lunch or dinner at a fair price.


The most often used word by our customers is “WOW!” Imagine a 13 inch tortilla sitting alone atop a pan slowly emerging into a one pound plus Rio Bravo or our ever popular Club Rio. Happens every day! Now imagine that same process taking place where one of our trained “Rio Wrapper’s” is actually walking you through the process, finishing your Rio Bravo or Club Rio just the way you like it. Extra tomatoes, more cheese, jalapenos, no onions, more dressing, no olives…no problem! We serve each and every wrap the right way…Your way!


Fun, friendly and comfortable best describe your overall dining experience in a Rio Wrap restaurant. Although the ultimate purpose of any visit is the dining experience, it is the total experience which helps separate us from others. We encourage our customers to be picky and ask a lot of questions, but beware, we too ask our share of questions. Our goal is to make each and every wrap a collaboration of fresh foods and flavors which provide a final product second to none. Top that off with some fresh salsa with warm tortilla chips, some comfortable background music, and you have yourself the makings of an experience you will not want to wait long between visits to try again.